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Where Pilot Careers Take Off

Aviomar is a recognized and established leader in the aviation industry, offering a full range of professional pilot training, maintenance, aerial work and sales services throughout Italy.

All our flight and maintenance operations are conducted in accordance to strict european (EASA) and ENAC (Italian CAA) regulations and our ATO (Approved Training Organization) is certified as IT.ATO.0003.

Our operations base is located in Roma Urbe Airport (LIRU), moments away from the centre of Rome. Our training centre comprises of modern and comfortable class and briefing rooms, a state-of-the-art flight simulator and a vast fleet of aircraft which combined to a staff made up of some of the most experienced and sought-after professionals in the Italian aviation industry ensure top-noch training for future airline pilots.

We are open 7 days a week.

Welcome to Aviomar Flight Training.

Our Approval Certificates

Course Schedule
Monthly Private Pilot Course (PPL)
February 2019 Flight Instructor Course (FI)
February 2018 FI-IRI-CRI Refresher Seminar
Su richiesta CRM Recurrent
February 2018 TRI/SFI - B737-300/900 & A320
17th February 2018 TRI/SFI Refresher Training
1st February 2019 Type Rating C650 (Initial)
24th February 2019 31st Integrated ATPL Course (Airline Pilot)