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Gift Flight!

If you're stuck for a gift idea for the person who seems to have everything, then a flight gift voucher could be just the answer to your dilemma!

This flying experience will give you a greater taste of what flying and/or training to be a pilot is like and enjoy the freedom of seeing the world from above in total freedom.

This exciting gift may also be an excellent idea for enjoying the beautiful countryside around the City of Rome.

The lesson will last  approximately 60 minutes and will be conducted by a qualified Flying Instructor.  The flight is preceeded by a pre-flight briefing where your instructor will introduce you to the basics of flying the plane and what to expect during the flight.

Once in flight you will experience the thrill of flying at 2000 feet.  Your flight instructor will allow you to have full control of the aeroplane for as long as is safely possible.

Of course our trial lessons are a great way to discover the thrill of learning to fly. If you want to find out more information about a trial/gift flight with Aviomar Flight Training please contact us.

Course Schedule
Monthly Private Pilot Course (PPL)
February 2019 Flight Instructor Course (FI)
February 2018 FI-IRI-CRI Refresher Seminar
Su richiesta CRM Recurrent
February 2018 TRI/SFI - B737-300/900 & A320
17th February 2018 TRI/SFI Refresher Training
1st February 2019 Type Rating C650 (Initial)
24th February 2019 31st Integrated ATPL Course (Airline Pilot)