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Embraer 135/145 Type Rating Courses

11/04/2017 We are now pleased to offer Embraer 135/145 type rating courses as part of our ATO course portfolio.
This course includes training for the Legacy 600 and 650 variants.
For further information, please visit "Our Courses" section of this website and enquire for additional information. 
Course Schedule
Monthly Private Pilot Course (PPL)
February 2019 Flight Instructor Course (FI)
February 2018 FI-IRI-CRI Refresher Seminar
Su richiesta CRM Recurrent
February 2018 TRI/SFI - B737-300/900 & A320
17th February 2018 TRI/SFI Refresher Training
1st February 2019 Type Rating C650 (Initial)
24th February 2019 31st Integrated ATPL Course (Airline Pilot)