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Simulatore B737-800

21/02/2019 We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new Boeing 737-800W-based simulator by Multi Pilot Simulation (MPS).

The FSTD will be dedicated to APS MCC, TR OTD and JOC training courses and will be located in the new Aviomar simulator training centre north of Rome. The device, expected to be delivered by June 2019 will be unique in Italy, and ensures AVIOMAR trainees to further develop the skills required for a successful career progression in Europe’s largest airlines.

With the introduction of APS MCC training and the "Centaur" fixed simulator based on the B737-800, Aviomar Flight Training further expands its training portfolio whilst ensuring that the training delivered exceeds airline-required standards.

Capt. Michele Marano, Aviomar Vice-President commented “We have selected the MPS B737-800 simulator as it guarantees a level of fidelity and reliability equivalent to the most advanced FFS devices. The addition of this third FSTD is expected to further attract Italian and foreign trainees to both our organization and the region. With a staff comprising of 12 B737 TRIs Aviomar will provide APS MCC training while ensuring a seemless transition to type rating training”
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