Financial Support

Aviomar is teamed up with two main Italian banks for the financing of both our ground and flight courses.

Special financing programs are studied to fit best your needs and many of our student pilots have taken advantage of this opportunity, the ideal way of starting right away and finish training in the minimum time possible.

Housing & Hotels
Our partnership with three, four, and five star hotels nearby the airport ensure our pilots and customers from abroad convenient and special reserved rates.
Course Schedule
Monthly Private Pilot Course (PPL)
February 2019 Flight Instructor Course (FI)
February 2018 FI-IRI-CRI Refresher Seminar
Su richiesta CRM Recurrent
February 2018 TRI/SFI - B737-300/900 & A320
17th February 2018 TRI/SFI Refresher Training
1st February 2019 Type Rating C650 (Initial)
24th February 2019 31st Integrated ATPL Course (Airline Pilot)