This program is designed for students following a modular training program and satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • Passion for Training
  • EASA CPL / IR (A) -MEP and valid SEP
  • EASA ATPL Theory with 85% average results
  • EASA Class 1 medical certificate
  • Holds an EU / EEA passport with an unrestricted right to live and work in the EU

Students will complete a Ryanair Mentored Training Program comprising of the Industry-Leading APS MCC (A) Course, Teaching and Learning Instructor Core Course, and the Flight Instructor course.

On successful termination of the program, qualified pilots will be offered a career path with Ryanair and Aviomar. Following a successful assessment with Aviomar & Ryanair, individuals will be offered a fulltime position with Aviomar as an instructor for 2 years. On termination of the 2-year period, the individual will be fast-tracked with Ryanair on a 737 type rating. Applicants that choose this career path will continue to follow Ryanair's instructor career path with the airline and can expect to become Ryanair SFI's & Training Captains once qualification criteria are met.

*Please note that the number of applicants to this gateway is restricted. 


Whether you have no flying experience or you have some flying experience that matches the above GATEWAY entry criteria please register your name for a pre-course assessment filling out the form on this page . The assessment and screening process has a cost of € 250 which is refunded once you pass the entry assessment and confirm your place onto the course. A member of Aviomar staff will get back to you via email to discuss your best career path.

Fill up the request form to know about the course costs and fees.

* Legal note: All the above courses are fully delivered and administered by Aviomar Srl. Attendance to the course does not guarantee success in the final Ryanair assessment and in no part of the course, the trainee is considered an employee of the Ryanair Group. 


La scuola di volo Aviomar, nell'ambito delle proprie attività, dispone di tutte le certificazioni previste secondo la regolamentazione europea EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) ed ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile).


La scuola di volo Aviomar si avvale dei migliori partner presenti sul mercato mondiale al fine di assicurare ai propri clienti l'eccellenza per i servizi e le attività aeronautiche.