We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Airline Pilot Club (APC) in its vision to create the world’s largest, highest quality, and most diverse talent community of aspiring and qualified pilots.

 APC founder and CEO, Captain Andy O’Shea said “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with Aviomar Flight Academy. I am very aware of the quality that Michele and his team provide their students. We are excited to give our members access to Aviomar’ s training services. APC’s new Free membership and access to great preparation for airline pilot training coupled with Aviomar’ s high training standards, will provide a superb service for APC members and Aviomar Flight Academy students.

Commenting on the announcement, Aviomar’s General Manager Capt. Michele Marano said “This partnership will actively connect us to aspiring cadets who require a professional level of training that Aviomar provides. With a wide range of courses that we offer, we are excited to cater to members who aims to start their career and to those who are also looking for a specific type of training that can further their pilot skills. As an ATO, our goal is produce world-class pilots through our high-quality theoretical and practical training. An effective assessment and guidance are very important before starting a flight training and APC can create the pathway for that.”

APC will become the global “go-to” place where flying schools and airlines will find their next generation of talents which will increase safety, diversity, and sustainability in our airline industry. With Boeing as a financial and strategic partner, APC aims to build a community of students, ATOs and airlines, to give aspiring pilots the best possible preparation for their training and flight career. It is also the platform that can bridge members to Aviomar and airlines like Ryanair, Wizz Air, Astana, Pegasus, and other great airlines around the globe.

Aspiring pilots can take advantage of the following member benefits upon joining APC:

  • FREE guidance as to how to prepare for and conduct psychometric assessments 
  • FREE Airline Pilot Aptitude Assessments from AON and Symbiotics  
  • FREE Aptitude Assessment Reports – learn what your strengths and weaknesses are 
  • FREE Airline Career E-Learning Courses - Introduction to aviation mathematics and Pathway to Pilot Competence (CRM, TEM and 9 ICAO/EASA Competencies) 
  • FREE Access to Aegean, Unsecured Funding System (when available) 
  • FREE Recommendation to APC Partner Flying Schools  
  • FREE Access to Airline Pilot Careers through partner Airlines 
  • FREE Access to APC Webinars – 3 per month from September to July. 

APC also created an exclusive access to Airline Pilot aptitude assessments to help you decide if a career as an Airline pilot is right for you. All these free services are designed to provide the best possible start to your airline pilot career and training with Aviomar. 

Throughout the process, APC will provide expert guidance in areas where you can improve so that you can fulfil your potential as a professional pilot. As a member, you can join thirty free webinars a year where you are introduced to experts in ATPL theory exams, Human Factors in Aviation, and APC’s Women of Aviation group  — all of which provide a wide range of platform for people coming together and supporting each other as they work to make the airline pilot career more accessible to a diverse population. 

Taking a step forward to becoming a pilot can be challenging and overwhelming. The assessments and preparations that APC provides can make the first steps of your journey easier.

Registration is free and easy! You can select from the following options to get started:

La scuola di volo Aviomar, nell'ambito delle proprie attività, dispone di tutte le certificazioni previste secondo la regolamentazione europea EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) ed ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile).


La scuola di volo Aviomar si avvale dei migliori partner presenti sul mercato mondiale al fine di assicurare ai propri clienti l'eccellenza per i servizi e le attività aeronautiche.