EU Regulation 1178/2011 (Part FCL) requires Differences Training to be completed by pilots who wish to fly a different aircraft type within the same rating endorsement.


"Complex" Course (Aircraft with Variable Pitch and Retractable Undercarriage)

The course is intended for pilots with a SEP(Land) rating and requires 2 hours of flight training on Cessna 172RG aircraft and a final check for the following ratings:

- RU (Retractible Undercarriage) 

- VP (Variable Pitch) 


Differences Course DA42  

The course is intended for MEP(Land) rating holders with sole experience on traditional aircraft (such as PA34, C310, PA23, PA30 etc.) who are aiming to do a transition to the Diamond DA42 aircraft. The course includes theoretical training in eLearning as well as two hours of flight time on aircraft DA42.

"Conventional MEP" Course (Conventional MEP aircraft)

The course is intended for MEP(Land) rating holders with sole experience on Diamond DA42 wishing to obatin also the rating to fly traditional MEP aircraft as PA34, C310, PA23, PA30 etc. 

The course requires 4 hours of classroom training and 1 hour of flight training on PA23 or PA34 aircraft.


"Turbocharged" Course (Turbocharged Aircraft)

The course is intended for a SEP(Land) and/or MEP(Land) rating holders who wish to obtain the rating to pilot aircraft equipped with turbocharged and/or supercharged engines . 

The course requires 1 hour of classroom training and a final examination.

At the end of the course, the candidate obtains a certificate of participation. 


Cessna C560 Encore+ Course

The difference training C560 Encore+ is meant for pilots holding the type rating C500/550/560 who wish to fly the Encore+ variant equipped with Rockwell Collins Proline 21. 

The course comprises of 2 days in classroom, 1 day of practical training on a static aircraft, and 1 hour of flight training. 


Type Rating Differences Course

We offer several differences training for the following type ratings:
- B737-300/900 (Classic, NG andMAX)
- C500/550/560 (I, II, Bravo, Encore)
- HS125 (800, 900, XP, XPi)
- CessnaSET (Analogical and G1000, Soloy and SilverEagle)
- Pilatus PC6 (Manual and Electric Stabilizer Trim)


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